roof repair Myrtle BeachMost of us, if not all, wants our home to be adorned with beautiful Christmas lights. However, before thinking about how these lights will look like when placed on your roof, you should first consider safety. There are a lot of cases when a roofing contractor is called out during the first month of the year by a homeowner who needs help with roof repair. These problems are usually caused by improperly hanging their Christmas lights. To help you avoid the hassle and oftentimes costly roof repair, here are some tips to help you out.

Tools Matter

One of the most common complaints to a roofing contractor in January involves broken, curled, and bent shingles near the roof’s edge. Most homeowners attach their Christmas lights directly to their roof shingles with nails, staple gun, or binder clips. These tools are the main cause of the problem. There are light clips that you can buy if you want to avoid damaging your shingles. Apart from that, the best spot where you can attach your Christmas lights is on the gutters. In case your roof does not have any, you can use specially designed clips that were made to go underneath your shingles so as to avoid the need for a roof repair. You should also remember not to add too much weight to the clips.

Gently Walk On Roof

You have to gently walk on your roof, if you really have to do so. Do not slide your foot or Christmas decorations on your roof’s surface. Always remember that the granules found on the surface of the shingles will be removed if you slide and this will shorten the shingle’s lifespan and demand that you call a contractor that offers roof repair Myrtle Beach.

Don’t Block Vents

If you want to attach inflatable Christmas decorations to your roof, be sure to be careful when you set them up. Keep in mind that this kind of decorations easily catches fire so be sure all electrical wires used for your Christmas lights and other accessories are properly installed and strategically placed. You should also avoid blocking vents.

Remove Décor With Care

You should take as much time removing your Christmas lights so you can do it properly and carefully. You cannot just rip them down since it can damage your roof significantly. Apart from that, avoid leaving the clips that you have been used until next Christmas just because you believe it will be much easier.

We understand that you are very excited for the upcoming holidays. But don’t let that get the best of you. Keep your family and your entire home safe by making sure that you have installed your Christmas decorations carefully and properly.

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