Roof Repair cost Myrtle BeachRoof repair can be a costly and cumbersome process, depending on the scope of the required restoration. Do not allow a roofing contractor to provide you with a quote without examining the extent of the roof damage from both interior and exterior of your house.

What Affects Your Roof Repair Costs

Determine these factors when calculating your expected roof repair or roof replacement costs.

Roof Type

Your home’s roof type significantly affects the costs of the repair. Roofs may be sloped or flat, low or high pitched, shingled or metal – or perhaps something unique. The costs of roofing material differ greatly between the types of roof, and some may need more materials and labor compared to the others.

The most affordable option is asphalt shingles, which cost $120 per 100 square feet. Meanwhile, the price for slate shingles ranges between $800 and $1,000 per 100 square feet while tile shingles can cost around $300 to $500 per 100 square feet. In case you have a metal roof, roofing materials may cost up to $1,500 per 100 square feet.

The extent of Roof Repairs

The scope of the repair is among the most significant aspects that decide the cost of the job. Roofing contractors generally decide on a price depending on how big the roof is, like by the square footage. Keep in mind that a square is equivalent to 10-foot-square area. Shingles can be purchased by the square, therefore you are going to end up paying for a square even though your repair is less than 10 feet. The contractor, on the other hand, must provide you with the leftover materials should your roof require a repair again.

Existing Water Damage

Water can easily damage the structure of a home. This kind of damage may not be apparent at first. The problem could present itself once the roofer takes out the shingles and checks the decking below. Fixing water damage is expensive and it will blow up the overall repair cost. However, it must never be ignored unless you want to face a pricey roof replacement later on

Roofing Repair Permits

The place where you live will also make a difference in the cost of your roof repair or replacement. The Myrtle Beach roofing contractor might need to get permits for the required repairs. The cost of the permit can be a flat rate in your location, or it can be according to the size and value of your home.

Chimney and Skylights

Skylights and chimneys, and other rooftop elements can also make the roofing job more expensive. These elements might require some fixing or replacement. Be sure to ask your roofer to inspect them for signs of leaks or damage as they assess the shingles.

Even though they do not need replacement, the roofing contractor still needs to deal with them, thus, raising the labor costs. In case the flashing that seals the skylights to the roof needs to be repaired, it might cost you another $300 to $500. Meanwhile, repairs to the flashing around the chimney could hit you up for an extra $200 to $500. Obtain roof repair cost estimates from three roofers or more before making your final decision. Estimates may differ between roofing contractors. Be mindful if the estimate appears extremely low as it could imply that the roofer is not operating legally.

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