Roof Inspection Myrtle BeachRoof coverings– particularly roofing systems on older residences in Myrtle Beach that don’t meet the current building ordinance– are specifically vulnerable to wind damage and also water seepage. There are specific steps you can perform to protect your roofing system from extreme storm conditions. Not only can this effort pay off during a hurricane, the improvements may also decrease your property owners insurance policy costs.

Evaluate Your Roofing Before a Storm Hits

Your roofing system takes the brunt of a severe storm, which could pack winds in excess of 155 mph. These winds put in an uplift effect that could damage roof shingles, tiles, or even the underlying roofing system deck. A well-maintained roofing system is much better able to resist high winds.

Block put one day a year to check your roof. Begin by examining the surface of your roof, either on the roofing itself or from the ground with field glasses. For best results hire a roofing specialist like Above The Rest Roofing to do a roof inspection.

Look for crinkled, loose, or missing tiles or roofing shingles. Focus on the sides of the roof covering. Also examine the spacing of the nails that hold the shingles and also underlying roof deck into your residences. Nails should be approximately four inches apart along sides. Nails, not staples, should be used to secure the roofing system deck to the rafters.

If you have access to your attic, examine the roof from the inside also. Search for points of light coming via the roof. This can disclose voids that can allow wind and water. Analyze the rafters or trusses for extending nail pointers, which indicate that the plywood roofing deck could not be properly safeguarded.

Take Actions to Minimize Wind Damage

There are some reasonably easy as well as affordable means you could make your roofing much less at risk to wind damage:

  • Replace missing or mis-hammered nails in your tiles or at the points that the roofing deck attaches to the rafters.
  • Apply roofing concrete to the edges of shingles, using a caulking weapon.
  • Use a bead of building sticky along each side of rafters or trusses at the points they connect to the roofing system deck.

A roofing contractor like Above The Rest Roofing will be able set up metal “cyclone” clips that connect the roof to the home’s walls from the inside. This added structural support makes it much less likely that your roof covering will be swindled by high winds. Clips are economical but challenging to retrofit in an existing house due to the fact that space to job is typically restricted.

The design of gable roof – two roof sections sloping in opposite directions and placed such that the highest, horizontal edges meet to form the roof ridge – increases the likelihood of wind damage. One way to increase stability is to attach wooden braces to the rafters at the ends of gable. You might wish to secure the vents at the ends of a saddleback roof when severe weather is approaching to keep pressure from building up inside the house. A hip roofing system that’s formed like a pyramid better stands up to typhoon winds.

Save on Flood Insurance coverage

Check with your homeowner’s insurance provider. Many will provide a substantial discount for actions that are taken to reduce the damage from a storm or hurricane. Qualifying hurricane-mitigation renovations could vary from metal storm shutters to specialized roof attachments

We are in the middle of hurricane season. Now is the time to call Above The Rest Roofing for a free roof inspection.

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