Myrtle Beach Roof InsulationBefore, there was no need to protect one’s home from power cost since supply was greater than the demand. It was not until six years ago (2012) that the cost of living changed dramatically, and so has the cost of electricity. This is why power cost savings became a priority for homeowners, both to save money and the roof.

Why should you protect a roofing?

  1. Heat loss is caused by un-insulated roof

It is a recognized fact that about 25 percent of the heat lost from an un-insulated (or unshielded) residence is via the roofing system itself. So if you shield your roof properly, you will be able to reduce your electrical energy expense by more than 20 percent.

  1. Creates an energy-efficient home

Roof insulation is just one of the simplest and one of the most reliable methods to make your house energy-efficient. During winter, roof insulation traps the heat inside minimizing the use of heaters. While in the summer season, the heat is prevented from going in, thus decreasing the use of air conditioner. In both the situations, power intake is minimized.

  1. Save up on electricity expense

A shielded home needs 45-55% less power compared to that of an un-insulated house, and as stated above, at least 25% of this power is conserved entirely by insulating your roof. To be exact, if you insulate your roof, then you will most likely save about 15-25% of home heating expense during winter while a 30-45% savings on air conditioning expense during summer.

The cost of insulating your roof can be a little higher, but you will reap the rewards of low electricity bill in 5-6 years. Not only that, you also decrease your home’s carbon footprint.

Call a professional roofing contractor to insulate your roof

Although there are several Do-It-Yourself (DIY) pointers and methods readily available, you must call a roofing specialist to shield your residence due to the fact that roof insulation needs technological expertise.

Initially, you need to evaluate your roof and find out the type of insulation you need. There are seven kinds of roof insulation products used to shield the roof covering and it varies depending on the roof type, cost, and climate.

Roofing insulation is a specialized job, so even if you have prior experience, never attempt to do it on your own. Conversely, you could call a dependable contractor from your area to insulate your roof. A certified roofing contractor will certainly direct you to the procedure of insulation and

will also inform you the benefits and drawbacks of each insulation product and recommend you the most effective option, based on the type of roofing you have.

If you need help with your roofing insulation, you can rely on Above The Rest Roofing.

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