Roof repair or inspectionComing up with excellent choices is paramount to reducing short and long-term expenses associated with home improvement projects. This holds true for huge and complicated tasks such as reroofing. In this situation, a few of the most critical judgments need to be made prior to hiring a Myrtle Beach roofing contractor or picking out a shingle manufacturer.


Roof Repair or Replacement: Which Is Better?

The very first choice is to find out if you need to just repair the leaks and impaired spots of if a partial or full roof replacement is needed. If you select the latter, you also need to determine if you should roof over your current roof or whether to tear it down. You will be facing certain expenses regardless of the decision you make.

The replacement of shingles because of wind damage or due to a fallen tree branch is a fairly easy and affordable task. Ripped or broken shingles can be taken off and replaced with brand new ones. The drawback is that except in cases wherein your roof is new and you were able to store some extra shingles, the repair job might not match the current roof. However, that is just a small consequence should the repair extend the lifespan of your existing roof for at least a decade! On the other hand, in case you would like to sell your house in South Carolina in the coming years, talk to your roofing contractor and order matching shingles for your roof. Keep in mind that a roof with visible repairs is unsightly and may lessen a prospective buyer’s confidence.

What Is Partial Roof Replacement?

In case the damage is bigger yet limited to a certain part of the roof, partial roof replacement is a viable option that is going to hit you up for far less compared to replacing the entire roof. Fixing a part of the roof will make it a lot simpler for you to match the old with new since a slight color variation will be less obvious.

Contrary to the common notion, partial roof replacements are more costly if you consider the cost per square area. They can trigger additional problems, as well. For instance, when an asphalt roof already has at least two layers, all of them will be removed so the partial roof replacement can be done. So along with more labor as well as disposal expenses, you might deal with the probability of an uneven effect at the ridges, with the old roof winding up a few inches more than brand new one. Even if created with a span of shingles and enclosed with a ridge cap, the hump might still get noticed.

Is A Brand New Roof Way More Affordable In The Long Term?

Even when just a section your roof is displaying indications of wear, it is clever to think about taking on the whole task while the staff is on-site with its equipment, ladders, and scaffolding. You can expect to be more expensive than taking on just a certain section now and the rest after a few years. Recently, I received an estimate for the repair of a single side of a four-sided hip roof and it amounted to $2,800. Meanwhile, doing the whole roof would cost $9,000, or just $2,250 per side. Since the former owner had replaced the roof nearly two decades ago with shingles, which only has a 20-year lifespan, I made the choice to go with the complete roof replacement.

When you should replace your roof relies on a lot of factors like the wear and age of the shingles, the weather in your location, as well as your home’s inclination towards potential damage. I fixed our roof following Hurricane Irene, which displaced about seven shingles last 2011. The shingles used as replacements were obtained from a local improvement store and were lightweight, but they complemented the current three-tab style, were a bit close in shade, and rescued me from buying more shingles than required. I applied roofing cement and crossed my fingers for a job that cost me $160.

After one year, Hurricane Sandy damaged more shingles. So I decided to reroof using more resilient shingles and better adhesives. The truth that the brand new shingles will have about six nails each and not four, which is now encouraged by the shingle manufacturer particularly for areas experiencing high winds, was an added reason.

Roof Over or Tear Off?

When you have made a decision to replace your roof, you need to determine if you will install the brand new roof on top of the current one or if you prefer to tear down the old one. Again, the decision boils down to cutting cost now and risking the possibility of bigger expenses in the future or spending more now and minimize costly repairs later on.

In case you currently have two layer shingles, there is nothing to talk about. According to the International Residential Code (R907.3), you can’t place a brand new roof on top of at least two applications of any kind of roof covering. One of the reasons behind this has something to do with the weight and its impact on the integrity of your home’s structure of your home. A shingle may not feel that heavy if you hold it in your hand, however, a roof that has 1,500 square feet of these shingles weighs as much as a 2-ton SUV.

If you only have a single layer of asphalt shingles, you might want to remove them even if you do not have to. This will help you cut some costs later on. For instance, if you are residing in a place that experiences high winds all the time, always remember that shingles can hold better if attached on to the deck of the roof. Additionally, getting rid of the old shingles will help you examine the sheathing or roof deck.

The chance to examine the state of the roof deck is essential, so be sure to search for insufficient sheathing fasteners and wood rotting. By performing any needed fixes and putting in fasteners to sheathing, you’ll be able to prevent significant losses triggered if the sheathing gets detached from the roof, letting the rain to result into intensive damage inside your home. Starting the roofing project using a clean roof deck and indicates that you have an option to add an ice-and-water-shield membrane across the eaves. This can only be done on a clean deck and it particularly effective in preventing damage caused by ice dams.

A brand new roof can be very expensive however, it will last for a long time. Provided that you do it correctly, you won’t have to worry about strong winds during a storm. Plus, you’ll even get to save money down the road.


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