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roof replacementRoof replacement is one of the most crucial and frequently misconstrued of all house maintenance areas. There is a difference between a company that only does shingle repair and installation and an expert roofing replacement. Shingle installers specialize in replacing just the roofing shingles however generally take shortcuts with the structural aspects of roofing replacement. These roofing system shortcuts eventually result in greater energy loss causing increased expenses and future moisture (leading to mold) and upkeep problems for the Myrtle Beach or Florence homeowner. Low-grade or incorrectly applied roof materials and bad craftsmanship can actually leave you out in the cold.

At Above the Rest Roofing, we believe getting the job done right is the only method to do it. We hope when it comes time for you to replace your roofing system, you will call us for a complimentary roof assessment of your roof needs complete with a written quote. Above the Rest Roofing follows these roof replacement procedures based upon many years of roofing experience.

Steps To a Successful Roof Replacement

Get rid of Existing Roofing Materials Down to the Plywood

The existing roofing system covering, whether it is slate, shingle, rolled or tile material, needs to be removed down to the existing plywood or sheeted roofing deck. Per shingle requirements, if shingles are installed over any of these roof products the service warranty will become null and void. We constantly follow the manufacturer’s product specs for roofing replacement.

Eliminate Old Flashing

Existing flashings should be removed down to the roof deck sheathing. You never know what could be lying under old flashing. Damaged and rotten wood in these locations might need replaced. Left in place, damaged wood can cause future structural problems.

Eliminate Roofing Tar Paper

The best way to determine what needs to be done to the existing deck surface prior to installing the underlayer and shingles is to completely eliminate the roof tar paper. Roof sheathing nails ought to be inspected and sheathing refastened if required before roofing system replacement.

Change Damaged Wood

Damaged or rotten wood needs to be replaced. Keeping rotten or soft wood will trigger the shingles to shift, causing your brand-new roof to leak not long after it is installed.

Properly Install Underlayment Product

shingle replacementSome sort of underlayment ought to be installed over the roof sheathing prior to laying roofing shingles. Tarpaper (15 pound– 30 pound) or titanium underlayment are the most popular roof underlayment materials. Both work well but titanium supplies a better reflector. Although it costs more, titanium roofing system underlayment usually includes a warranty or warranty if the roofing system replacement shingles stop working for any factor.

Install Ice and Water Guard

Ice and water shield should always be installed at the rain gutter end lines of any roof. Sadly, we frequently discover that ice and water shields at these end lines were set up improperly. The area in between the fascia board and the roofing needs to be sealed with a gutter apron or a gutter-to-fascia seal cap for the ice and water shield to work.

Ensure Good Ventilation

An incorrectly aerated roof system will reduce the life of your roofs shingles. A proper roofing system replacement must include constant ventilation at the peak of the roofing system and the beginning rows of each shingle starter location. Numerous homes do not have a soffit area where air circulation can ventilate into the attic area and after that out of the roofing peak ventilation location. If the roof design avoids ventilation at the peak and bottom, then we set up appropriate single roofing system vents at areas determined to allow required air circulation.

Replaced Pipe Boots

The pipe boots around pipe stacks and other protrusions throughout the roofing system area should be replaced. Entrance cables for electrical services are seldom altered due to the fact that of the expense. We can, nevertheless, install a split boot if the existing boot on the entryway mast is malfunctioning.


Diverters must be installed behind chimneys and at stop wall areas on the roof where water drains straight into those areas. A lot of frequently called a cricket, these diverters will keep water streaming off your roofing.

Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards are a smart idea. If you choose to install gutter guards, pick a quality product that will not droop or fall out after the very first season. Diamond aluminum grates are the very best. They permit constant drain even in heavy rains and still keep particles out of the seamless gutters.

The best advice we can give is to call an experienced roofing company when it is time to repair or replace the roof on your home or business.

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