roofing contractors Myrtle BeachDo you like gazing at the pouring rain outside the window? A lot of people prefer to push back the curtains or take a seat on the porch whenever a rain storm comes around. However, when your roof has not been correctly taken care of, a rainy day can swiftly become a watery dilemma. At Above The Rest Roofing, our roofing contractors Myrtle Beach know very well that a good quality home roof is a good financial investment that protects your house. You can rely on our several years of practical experience within the roofing industry to develop and maintain your roof’s integrity so you can rest easy knowing that it can withstand the many different elements.

A taken for granted roof may cause trouble for the other parts of your house. To prevent costly water damage, many of our customers take full advantage of our professional roofing maintenance solutions so that we could repair minor problems before they turn into a problem on your budget. Hire Myrtle Beach roofers who can make certain that your roof remains in great condition so you can extend your roof as well as your home’s lifespan.

In our several years of serving the Myrtle Beach, we’ve noticed the numerous ways that rain can harm roofs. For your benefit, our roofing experts have come up with a list of the five ways rain could adversely have an impact on your roof.


Your roof pulls its weight as it tries to safeguard your house from the many different harmful elements. Because of that, your roof might show signs of buckling or curling shingles due to the constant stress. If the shingles of your roof becomes severely deteriorated, they may produce bare spots on the roof, in which the rain would seep into and cause further damage to your home. Shield your roof from additional damage by hiring expert Myrtle Beach roofers right away.


When water has started pooling in your home’s interior because of a roof that has been damaged by rain, you might see unsightly stains on the ceilings. Stains are usually a warning sign of a bigger roofing issue, and that is why you need to contact Above The Rest Roofing right away. Our group of professional roofers is qualified to check your roof and find the root cause of the water damage.

Wood Rot & Mold

An important roof material that is used to stop water from saturating the roof joints is called flashing. From time to time, flashing can be jeopardized, placing your house in danger of water damage. Persistent exposure to moisture can create ideal situations for decaying wood and mold. Safeguard your house by calling your roofing specialists. These experts have the experience to correctly take care of your roof, which means assisting in preventing the need to deal with costly repairs in the future.


Nasty freeze-thaw patterns may lead to the formation of cracks in your roof. Freezing rain could immediately cause roof saturation prior to solidifying and turning into ice. The will cause the roof to inflate and crack. A roof that has cracks gives the best opportunity for moisture to get inside your home and further cause water damage, leaks, as well as mold.

Ice Dams

Just like what the name means, an ice dam is actually a dam of ice collecting around your home’s eaves, efficiently obstructing water from moving down the roof’s surface. When this occurs, the impeded water will trickle into your roof since it has no place else to go to.

Looking after your roof needs to be of one of your priorities since you are basically safeguarding an investment that needs to last for a long time. The standard roof is expected to endure up to about two decades, with respect to the materials used, its maintenance, as well as the weather conditions.

If you see these rain-damage warning signs in your roof, go ahead and call Above The Rest Roofing. Our skilled roofing contractors are always willing to assist you in safeguarding your house against harmful elements.

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